Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stand By

Hello there.

I seem to have been out traipsing rather than keeping up with Naperville Now.

In fact, I've been to Plano, Chicago, Libertyville and Smallville. Yes, that Smallville. Russell, Kevin and Diane are, like, BFFs now. (Can one make BFF plural? Anyone have Roy Blount Jr.'s email?)

Much to report, just not tonight.



ps If the graphic rings any bells, let me know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

TV test pattern 1950's America?

Anonymous said...

Test Pattern on a old, and I mean OLD, television.
Like our Muntz TV - yes, that's the correct spelling. About 500 pounds of wooden furniture, and a tiny screen. Ah, for the 'good old days.'

Naperville Now said...

Dang -- we had a Muntz, too! (Or is this someone I'm related to writing this comment?) I think I remember that TV, actually.

Kathy and Freddy said...

Used to watch that every morning before the prayer and the flag and Tree Top House.

Anonymous said...

I remember the star spangled banner and the american flag at 1 am after the Joey Bishop show. Babysitting on Friday and Saturday nights.