Friday, August 26, 2011

Creeping Crud and a Fine

Is it possible for mosquitoes to be rabid? The reason I ask is that I have the most awful swath of bites on the back of my neck. I itch like mad, and now have red, lumpy welts across my face.

Our granddaughter cried when she saw me.

So I'm thinking that if you need me, I will be the one in the calamine bath for the next couple of days. If something interesting pops up, like a hurricane or a plague of locusts, send me an email and I'll drag my sorry posterior to the computer.

Meanwhile, stay inside. It's dangerous out there.

Naperville Now

p.s. Oh, yes. The City of Aurora has fined me $100 for turning right on red by the high school. There is a sign at the intersection that says "No turn on red when pedestrians are present." There were none, so I turned. Perhaps a little too quickly, but I was late to see the new baby. And I was talking to Joyce in St. Louis. And I was just a little lost.

I'm thinking of delivering the money in person so I can at least give the Aurora Red Light Enforcement Program people a little jolt when I walk through the door. Facial welts that look as if they might be a little contagious? Have a nice day.


Carol said...

So sorry to hear that the bites got worse. I wonder what is going on? Off to Google to see what I can discover...I'll keep you posted.

Char said...

Try ice. I've recently also tried toothpaste, but for me it only works for a few minutes. Ice is better.

BFL said...

It is too bad I am not there, because any mosquito within miles of me finds me and feasts. Unfortunately, I have no magic to make the itch go away.

Anonymous said...

did you say hurricane?

- signed east coast follower

Anonymous said...

I suggest you record your visit to Aurora red light traffic court with your camera - and a blog entry.
get to know the 'folks' there - and let your readers know what you think.

Kristi said...

Did they send you a link with a video? Can you see pedestrians in that video? If not, you can fight it.

Naperville Now said...

Saw the video, yes. The issue is the complete stop at the red light. My stop was more of a slow roll, sorry to say. Thanks for the suggestion.