Sunday, August 28, 2011


With family living on the east coast, I feel guilty pointing out the beauty of this day along the Du Page River Trail. It looked as if the air had been scrubbed clean by all that turbulence. Everything was in magnificent detail.
Yesterday, I tried to ride a bike down this path. I have read that bike riding, once learned, is never forgotten. That's total crap. I nearly killed myself (and frightened a few others) on the path to Whalon Lake. So, until I can find a Sting Ray bike with foot brakes (and handle streamers), I'll stick to walking. Besides, it's safer to stop and take pictures.

One thing I have confirmed while on the trail is that men and women observe the world differently. My husband sees the sleek, Lycra-attired women who smiled at me as they zoomed by as "encouragers." 

I thought they were quite smirky, actually.

Besides, in that I have no intention of setting any land speed records now or in the future, it's very agreeable to rest under the wing of an enormous oak tree.

We don't often get a chance to sit and just be.

I encourage you to try it.


Cam said...

As someone who remembers you flying down Kensington Rd STANDING on your bicycle seat, I find it very hard to believe that you forgot how to ride!

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

As a long time walker for many causes one of the things I learned very early on was that "Every thing that matters happens on the trail". You can't imagine how peaceful it is to be out amongst God's greatness with friends just walking.

Mr B

Nancy said...

We have also been enjoying the trail immensely. It is the best expenditure of tax dollars we have encountered around here. We have seen indigo buntings, goldfinches, herons and egrets, and many, many wildflowers. Plus isn't it fun to see the deer on their side of Royce instead of ours! Sorry we missed seeing you on your bike. I agree, foot pedals are the only way to go!

Kathy and Freddy said...

One of my favorite trails with lots of fond (dog) memories. I've walked it in sun,heat, rain, sleet, ice, and as the first one to make tracks in the snow... sigh.

I see you are mastering the elusive S-Curve with your photography!

Johanna said...

Very rarely do I read something on the internet and laugh out loud. Your blog is the most frequent cause and this one was especially funny! Maybe I can just relate to it. Have you considered a 3 wheeled bike (adult trike)? Now I know what to get you when you reach my current age.

Bellezza said...

Saw your comment on Little Brown Pen and had to visit. I think you took the last photograph, of the oak tree, not far from our house. We live, in fact, across the street from the trail to Whalon Lake. If I "smile at you", it will be with encouragement, not a smirk (although I know what you mean!). Also, some people treat that path like it's the Tour de Naperville, when they should be quietly riding and noticing. Like, the people ahead of them.

Naperville Now said...

Bellezza -- thanks for commenting. I've heard the "traffic" on the path can be a challenge. When it's not the Tour de Naperville, walkers three abreast make it difficult to pass. Luckily, I'm in it not for my heart rate but the pix. (and I love Little Brown Pen. Nichole is hugely talented!)