Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Name That Cat

Our daughter, AJ, moved into a new apartment in St. Louis last week.

All that was missing was a roommate.

PetSmart was having adoption day across the street.

She is now the owner of a 6-year-old cat with a neurological deficit. (They're called bobbleheads because of balance issues.)

Shiloh is his current name. I suggested Kitty. Or Carmel Crisco Wilbur, which is what my brother's first grade class named their hamster.

 AJ suggested the faithful readers of this blog name him. So I want all 41 of you (Connie can vote twice) to leave a name in the Comments section.

Actually, this being Chicago,  all of you may vote as often as you wish.

(He had to be shaved down due to fur issues. In six months, he will be quite poofy.)


Kathy and Freddy said...

In honor of our family cats of decades past:
Pudgy Face
Fat Ball

Naperville Now said...

foggy is awesome. kinda fits in with the whole neurological scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Puff (the Maagic Dragon)

Sharon said...


Carol said...

Jenny Any Dots

Alison said...

Flip Flop
Willy Wonka
Sugar Daddy
Jack Daniels
Dr. Phil

Carol said...

Oops, I just realized he's a he. How about another character from Cats: Mistoffelees?

Aunt Johanna said...

Wow! Big blog response! Anna, ask your Daddy about the origins of "Doofus" as a cat name. Once upon a time, he had to take one of Aunt Sarah's cats to get its shots. They asked him the cat's names and Charlie, having no earthly idea, told them "Doofus". That poor cat's name was heretoforwith recorded in the records as "Doofus." Hint, Don't let your Daddy name your cat

Aunt Johanna said...

My first cat was named Barbetta and it went downhill from there to Smokey, Big Kitty and, my all time favorite, Beauregard. For this kitty, I'm thinking Lucky (the obvious), Stripper (he's naked)or, taking a cue from Grandma, AC (Anna's Cat).

Anonymous said...

Have to set the story straight. Mom did once make me take Sarah's cat to a vet clinic in Athens to get some shots. The cats name was "le petite chat" and I didn't want to be embarrassed by calling it that in front of anybody that lived in Athens, Tenn .... would have been beaten up for sure. Who calls their cat that? So when they asked me the name of the cat,I blurted out .... Dilbert ... which at the time was the biggest insult that I could come up with. So I will agree that I may not be the best person to come up with a name for Anna's new cat. I vote for Skippy!
Charlie JP

Naperville Now said...

One vote from the office for Puddin'

Anna JP said...

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic and creative names!!! My favorite nominees were Skippy, AC and Lucky. However, Mom invented the winning name! The little shaved kitty that could shall henceforth be known as Tippy the Bobbling Cat. But his close friends (aka Mom's blog followers!) can just call him Tippy! Thanks to everyone for your input! Love, Anna and Tippy

Sarah said...

I am so sad that I missed the cut off. I was thinking of in honor of my favorite students...

Aunt Johanna said...

Dilbert, Doofus. Whatever--- If Charlie had told them the cat's name was "La Petite Chat" everybody in Athens, TN would have thought the kitty had just gone to the bathroom. Yes, I will put my name on this comment. I'm a brave woman.

Alison said...

Let's NOT tell the story about Buttons and your hampster. Buttons, by the way, lived a very long life of around 20 yrs. We kind of lost count. She survived being hit by a motorcycle on Crestway Dr. and jumping off our boat into Watts Bar Lake at night. In her later years she enjoyed taking off by herself for long walks on the beach in NJ only to rest once in awhile under umbrellas at the snobby beach club.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

With a face like that and those Mutton Chops he has to be called Grover (as in Grover Cleveland).

Mr B