Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Le 14 Juillet

Tomorrow, I am off to St. Louie, Louie, and I haven't time to post anything of great note.

However, tomorrow is Bastille Day, and I expect each of you to leave me an insanely detailed comment about your decorations, menu, wine selections, couture, sound track and assorted je ne sais quoi.

How exactly will you storm the gates this July 14th?

Allons enfants!

But first, a little inspiration:
July 3, 1951
Dad and my brothers no doubt thinking about Bastille Day.
(Mom wondering how to operate Brownie camera.)

May 2010
The city of Nice rocks the Tricouleur 59 years later.

Remember "Ou est la bibliotheque?" from French class?
Happy to report that I found it in Antibes.
You're welcome.


Alison said...

Sure, I'll have some wine.

Anonymous said...

greetings from stockholm

Anna JP said...

La bibliotheque est pres de la pamplemousse!!! (I am obviously spending my Bastille day trying to combine my two favorite French words into one sentence. Winning!)

Anonymous said...

July 14 is an official flag day in sweden - the crown princess´s birthday. they even did a 21 gun salute. I prefer revolution...

Naperville Now said...

You say you want a revolution. Well, you know...