Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ever notice the trip home seems to have an extra 100 miles added in? It's a weird highway telescoping effect. Very Dr. Who, but not nearly as entertaining.

St. Louis is home, however, and I love that hot and humid city very much.

I was able to spend time with Tip and his adoptive mother in their new apartment. You remember Tip -- bad hairdo, bobbly head, fireplace soot on his shoulder blades.

This eating machine has hit the lottery, living with AJ. No more brothers to get between him and his Fancy Feast (which she warms up in the microwave.) Kibble on demand. Non-stop pats.

He is extraordinarily affectionate, a champeen purrer and indefatigable when it comes to exploring the fireplace. (Warning: Washing cats is neither easy nor advised.)

We eventually found enough safety pins to close the screen so he will be spared future scrub downs with Dawn dish soap.

When we weren't fussing over Tip, we were out and about in the city.

There is something about the architecture of St. Louis. I find it endlessly fascinating.

The red brick, the slate roofs, the Madeline-like qualities of the city neighborhoods. Love 'em.

Loved this also. A lot.

I think this guy was feeling the heat.

This whole corner in the Cherokee neighborhood was definitely going for a Reggae vibe.

Across the street from the fire hydrant is a wonderful antique store, R. Ege Antiques. Colored pencils from France that are two feet long are for sale, and just as soon as I find 850 dollars, I'm taking them home with me.

Hope you have a cool place to tuck into this week. Chicago, I hear, may be even hotter than St. Louis in the coming days. And that, my friends, is some kind of hot.


Anna JP said...

Aw! Tippy and I feel so so honored to be featured on the fabulous Naperville Now! Thank you so much for coming last weekend, I had such a great time! You are the best mom/fireplace kitty proofer/kitty bather/antiquer/poodle finder/ gnome hunter a girl could ask for! (Sorry readers...inside jokes!!!) Love you Mom!

BFL said...

Your words and pictures have me wishing for a trip back to St. Louis, to see something besides downtown. It's been a LONG time.

naperville now said...

surely not since you balanced my checkbook in 1978. Or our wedding two years later...

Cedrick Finly said...

There is a certain feel of antiquity when I saw the slate tile roofs in your pictures. ST. Louis is certainly a place to be for nostalgic vacations.