Friday, July 29, 2011

Love, Grandma

Dear Charlotte,

You are nearly here, and there’s so much explaining to do about the federal budget and debt ceiling crisis, I hardly know where to begin. This I do know: the whole debt/budget calamity has a lot of fuzzy math in it, with both Republicans and Democrats screeching, countering and plutttting at each other.

This will all seem familiar to you by the time you’re in seventh grade. The he saids, the she saids, the president said.

It’s all what one might expect in Junior High, but among the grownups? Not so much.

By the time I’m through trying to explain the trillions, the top 2% and the concomitant deficits, you will be in college, majoring in macroeconomics.

So until then, may I offer a few basics?

Don’t spend more than you have in your checking account.

Save a little bit each month. You’ll be glad for the cushion. And it’s satisfying to watch it grow (although the spending part can be satisfying, too).

When someone tells you that someone else said something outrageous, don’t believe it until you’ve spoken directly to that person. Direct is best.

Don’t open pictures sent from 202 area codes. Ever.

Read newspapers when you can, although I suspect they will mostly be in electronic form by the time you’re really following the Cubs.

Don’t follow the Cubs.

I’m sure there are a lot of other things that I can come up with that will be helpful to you down the road. As long as Blogspot is offering a free forum, I’ll write stuff down.

Meanwhile, we are all looking forward to Tuesday. Your Mom is especially ready.

Your dad’s got the crib assembled, Zach has painted the carpet (long story), I’m working on the curtains and your mom has washed all of those darling pink outfits. We won’t have to do laundry until you’re two, which is a cost-savings any political party can agree on.

Can’t wait to meet you, baby girl.




Nancy said...

Lovely. You get better and better! We can hardly wait to see Charlotte so make sure that camera is ready!

grace said...

So precious, Charlotte is one lucky girl.

BFL said...

Grandma, this is one lovely post. Great-grandma Littell would be proud.

Naperville Now said...

Thank you for the kind words, everyone.

MFM said...

Looking forward to meeting Charlotte!