Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Welcome Waggin

While I have billed this space as the funniest on the planet, I must confess that none of us have felt particularly funny in the past week. Bandit has been closer to that great big pouf in the sky than he's ever been and we've just been sad.  And tired. And sad.

At the moment, he seems to have turned a corner, thanks to the amazing power of steroids and several dozen other drugs that we've injected, syringed and hidden in every food group we can think of. As you will recall, liverwurst has been of great help, but today it is The Devil's Work, so we've turned to chicken and meatloaf. Tomorrow may be chipmunks.

I did want to share with you our uber magical ingredient to Bandit's health care: Dr. Lisa McIntyre. She is the founding vet of the Welcome Waggin, a mobile veterinary service in Naperville.

This is Lisa just before she was mauled by her dogs.

She has held our paws and hearts for several years now, so if you're in need of a kind, compassionate, fabulous veterinarian, Dr. McIntyre is it. And not just because she makes housecalls with her assistant, vet tech Sue Schupp, who has magical properties of her own.

I'll keep you posted on Bandit's progress. And I'll try to think of something funny to write about, like Bolingbrook coming in ahead of Naperville on Money Magazine's 2010 Best Places to Live. By eleven cities.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Go Bandit!
And I know that Lisa has saved his life on more than one occasion.
I can also vouch for the Welcome Waggin.....referred to me by Naperville Now. Lisa is great!

Anonymous said...

So glad Bandit is doing better - whatever the cure might be! Just like your kids, when he's better, you're better too!

Hannah1016 said...

Does she do any grooming? Even emergency grooming? I would like to make an appt for the second week in October for Rudy the killer Shih Tsu. I am so glad Bandit is better. I've worried about him all week!

Blogopause said...

Sorry to hear about the Bandit. I feel I need to suggest the Kaki/Tucker Beef Stew. I think it is magical. SO ask your lazy ass friend to get off her butt and make some for Bandit.

Anonymous said...

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