Friday, July 2, 2010

Movie Night

One of my absolutely, positively fave rave things to do in the summer is to sit with a bag of popcorn and a glass of wine (a weird pairing, but hey) and watch a movie. Outdoors. On the deck. Our friends have  hosted Movie Night for a number of years, though I'm not sure when they started to invite us. Possibly back in the VHS days, but definitely post reel to reel.

Jan makes up 87 different kinds of popcorn and Ed, uber Techie that he is, has devised all the, well, techie stuff, right down to a huge screen and really awesome audio. So cool, so cool, so cool! Somehow or another, they manage to cram enough chairs to seat at least a dozen or so of their best friends. Have I mentioned how cool this is?

In keeping with the true spirit of the drive-in/deck-in, they run a cartoon short beforehand. Love that. Then there's time to refill your popcorn bag (87 varieties -- count 'em) and it's time for the feature.

Airplane, Folks, Father of the Bride, Daughters of Satan (jk).

Midway, we are usually driven inside by a skunk, who clearly has no use for outdoor movies and does NOT appreciate all that cackling. (And when I am unable to attend Movie Night, the myth that I am the one attracting the critters is mercilessly perpetuated.)

The only thing that possibly could make the evening even better is fireworks. As it is, I love Movie Night in all its technicolor, popcorn, and sulfuric glory. Thanks, Jan. Thank, Ed.

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