Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Oyly Thankmas

Upon seeing Christmas wreaths outside the Jewel this afternoon, I realize that Oyly is the only proper response. It combines that perfect exclamatory response to every circumstance -- Oy veh! -- with early. For indeed, oyly it is. (And whom do we see about that?)

Clearly, retailers invented Thankmas to either annoy us and/or make us feel like we were being chased. Congratulations, I'm beginning to feel both annoyed AND out of breath.

Can we please respect the Pilgrims just a bit longer? Thank you.


gardendiva said...

The retailer's assault on my inbox and mailbox is starting early and aggressively this year. Everytime I check my emails I feel like I am accosted by a hundred third world beggar children tugging at my sleeve. "Thankmas"? That's a new one, but I am sadly not surprised.

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!