Sunday, November 8, 2009

Night Life

I haven't been paying attention to downtown Naperville these past few months. With the construction on Washington, I've taken my meanderings well east and away from that unholy vehicular blood clot at Chicago and Washington.

Last night, however, the golfers and golfettes gathered for a little Irish cuisine (some might argue the pairing of those words) and then headed to Blackfinn. If you remember Leonardo's Pizza, this is the same building. Blackfinn fills all three stories, but the decor is definitely mahogany-er and HD-er than its predecessor. In fact, on the first level, each booth has its own flat screen TV. Each booth. More TVs are located on nearly every bit of wall space, except where there's a portrait of George Washington. I hope someone will get back to me on that.

Upstairs, there's more bar, BIGGER flat screens and MUSIC. And a nice wait staff. Plus another GW portrait. Our presence pretty much skewed the mean age of the patrons, but in that we left before 10 p.m., Gen Y was safe to hob and knob the night away.

A few buildings away, there's a new (to me) gelato place. And there's some construction on a building facade just beyond that. And is that a new awning on Front Street Cantina? Jefferson Street, change becomes you.

In that it would have been quicker to walk from southwest Naperville to downtown than find a parking place (and yes, we did cruise the parking garages), it would seem the world is spinning a little faster and a little more profitably. Glad to see that our economic shorts are less knotty these days, at least in downtown Naperville. Cheers.

If I can find a place to park, I'll get out and take a picture of the restaurant from the street level. This publicity photo could not be more uninspiring.


Carol said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing last night as we circled the Sushi House looking for a place to land. Either things are starting to pick up economically, or people are throwing caution to the wind and spending their last pennies on good food and drink in downtown Naperville.

Anna said...

did you guys stop over to say hi to scott huber? i have been following all that nonsense on