Monday, March 18, 2013

Will It Never End?

I received a furious email from my pal Sally, who lives even farther north in this world than I do.
After vowing to embrace the winter this year (which I have been very successful at, I might add), I am now officially into "screw this, it's past time for spring to show itself." 
Aaack! So on that page. 


And yet, despite the sleety mess that currently covers my neck of the woods, I could discern a cloud of something green.

Moss? Snow moss? Fungus-that-will-kill-everything-in-the-garden-this-year-bwah-haa-haa-haa?


Luckily, I have friends with actual garden knowledge who will identify this for me.

As for this, this I remember. 


Carol said...

I can't identify the plant you refer to as "snow moss", but I share your frustration at this never ending winter. As I write this, the snow has begun to fall again outside.

I suppose next week we can expect to shoot into 90+ temps and no rain until October. Hmmmmphhhh.

Johanna said...

Still offering my guest rooms to those of you who live up north. However, you have to let me have your guest rooms when it is totally miserable here in July and August. Tomorrow's forecast here - 78 degrees.

Maureen said...

Like Sally, I intended to appreciate this winter instead of complaining about it. Tonight I have an ice storm and that has tipped me into sick of it mode!

Sharon said...

I'm with Sally, "screw this"!!!

Beth said...

I have 2 deer in my backyard moving the leaves around looking for something green to nibble. I guess we're all looking for Spring!