Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painter Pals

Our pal Connie thought she was on her way to a Lisle restaurant for a gourmet hamburger.

Instead, she got a birthday surprise: a Paint Party, hosted by her daughter.

(That's the birthday girl in the black sweater.)

She was really, really surprised. (I love that when that happens.)

The great thing about a paint party is that you don't have to have actual talent to paint. I know this because I've attended two of these soirees now, and I can assure you, I can't paint.

But, that's not the paint (a little art humor there).

You just take a few of these:

and some of this:

and maybe, just maybe, some of this:

Add mirth for good measure, and you have you a paint party.

You can start with an idea or rip off be inspired by someone else's art.

This is Sue. She alleges she has never painted before.

Her pants are definitely on fire because look how her painting turned out. (I sat next to her the whole time. No smoke, mirrors or copy machines were used in the making of her landscape.)

My masterwork is on just over her right shoulder. Drawing will never be my calling, but I can daub blue and yellow onto a grid with the best of them. Mostly.

Cheers, Connie.

And happy birthday from all of us.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Fabulous subject matter, and good painting too!

Mary P Burke said...

Love painting and tipping back a cocktail to celebrate of course! Never thought the two went together but they do. It's always great to be with the gals and do ANYTHING! Thanks for sharing!

It's All Connected said...

Sue can't possibly be telling the truth! Looks like great fun. ~ Maureen

Irene said...

I would say there was some real talent there that night or was it in the bottle? Well done! I need to have a night like that with a whisky sour.

Judie said...

Our daughter in New Orleans went to a paint party and had a blast! She showed me her painting, and it wasn't too bad, actually. Once it gets the proper frame, it will look even better.

I don't remember if you read my post on Skills, but I have photos of a couple of the students in a class I used to teach. Your friend Irene would appreciate what we did after class.