Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plumb Crazy

In that we are officially four days out from the wedding, it's been a little busy 'round our place, with bow making, cancellations, Jordan Almond gorging, and plumbing.

I can tell you are yearning for the plumbing details, so here you go:

It took us 45 minutes to understand the toilet seat assembly instructions, which were mostly pictures and questionable English. (Our three degrees clearly were not helpful in his endeavor.)

Good news: all of us can now use the downstairs bathroom.

But wait. The $8 million toilet (it's French; what can I say?) sprung a leak.

Good news: the Jumps came to the rescue this morning and not only plugged us up but reconfigured the uncooperative toilet seat. (I love men with the inside track on home repair.)

Our carpets were cleaned yesterday. Hurray! However, despite the weather being (at long last) cool and moderate, we had to turn on the air conditioning to create an arctic temperature conducive to drying the carpet.

Wearing a sweater in August? Morally bankrupt. Dry rugs? Trumps all.

One more plumbing story: the upstairs toilet must have grown jealous over the attention the French guy in the powder room was getting and decided to blow a gasket last night. It is phantom flushing every 7 minutes.
If you need me, I will be at the candy store, re-upping our supply of Jordan Almonds.

After that, Naperville Now may be a little busy getting to the church on time.


BFL said...

What would an at-the-home-of-the-bride wedding be without a plumbing problem or two. The things of which memories are made.

It's All Connected said...

Oh, you poor girl! Hang in there - you are on the home stretch! ~ Maureen

Kathy and Freddy said...

Counting down the minutes....
hang in there-- it will all turn out wonderfully!

EG CameraGirl said...

I can feel the tension. Hope all is going well. :)