Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plenty of Time

Back when I was teaching 5th graders how to get into trouble explore the Internet, I discovered a line of cartoon images called Screen Beans. They were part of Microsoft's image cache and perfect for elementary school. And they frequently made me laugh.

This one, particularly, is a favorite. A perfect image for 7 days to go before our daughter's wedding.

I'm fine. Really.

Plenty of time.


Sister Sarah said...

Where is the calm, cool and collected bean...that is you! Can't wait to see our precious Anna. As she walks down the aisle, I will not help but be able to think of her as a sweet little toddler hugging my Dad's knees and smiling up at him. The look on both their faces will be cherished memories forever for me.

Hey where do I find the beans???

Naperville Now said...'s image site.
bean away (or is that beano?)

Sharon said...

You are toooo funny!

It's All Connected said...

You can make it! Eight days from now you can take a verrry long nap! ~ Maureen

Aunt Johanna said...

This is supposed to be fun! Deep breath! Our whole family together for a joyous occasion. I, for one, am really looking forward to it. All of the planning and work you all have done will make it perfect. Five days and counting!

Lynn said...

So sorry we're missing this. I know it will be a beautiful wedding and a fun night. Anna will make a stunning bride, and you'll look gorgeous, of course! We are almost in that countdown mode here too. Pondering: Is it possible to lose 10 pounds and have a facelift/eye job/tummy tuck/liposuction/haircut/makeover in 20 days? Oh well, it's one day and it is all about the marriage, not about the wedding. Cheers and happiness, see you in Massachusetts!