Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One of the benefits of driving all over creation in the course of one's work day is discovering what's outside the boundaries of one's hometown.

Pretty neat stuff, truth be told.

Fabulous architecture.

Neighborhoods abundant in character and charm.

Bridal wreath spirea so bodacious, you want to pull over and make yourself a bouquet (even if you aren't the bride).

You know, aesthetic stuff. The kind of stuff that enhances a life and the rate of speed at which you drive through a village.

I didn't have time to photograph everything (the boss keeps a tight schedule), but I did use my phone to capture this:

Behold that swirling bark.

Isn't it amazing (if not a bit torn up. Squirrels? Overreaching cats?)

Don't you want to have this tree in your life?

Honestly, the undulations of this tree remind me of a ruched wedding dress, albeit in a 3X. And very scratchy.

Glen Ellyn, you've made my head turn.

And while I don't think Glen Ellyn Now has quite the same cache as Naperville Now, the town has definitely caught my eye.


Beth said...

I'll bet you didn't know that Glen Ellyn is my hometown!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Enjoyed your post, amazing tree. Oh, my DH & I love to "day trip" as we call it, so nice to see and appreciate all the little towns.

It's All Connected said...

How poetical to see the tree in a ruched wedding dress! I do want that tree. ~ Maureen