Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 1989

The Easter Bunny photo op strikes me as uniquely American: outsized, a little weird and in a mall.

Nevertheless, as parents, we do what we do to our children. I am definitely happy for the memory of 23 years ago. It makes me laugh and sigh a bit, too.

I also remember coming home that same day, our van suddenly wrapped in a foggy gloom that hurled baseball-sized hail at us. It was deafening.

"STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!" the littlest one cried from the backseat as hail continued to pour down on us.

"SHE'S.NOT.DOING.IT!" the eldest cried back.

Unable to see a blessed thing outside the windshield except a scraggly tree, I turned and headed back toward the mall and steered my way into an open loading dock. The pounding ceased and the sun ("Storm? What storm?") came out a minute later.

Wits restored, I backed up and drove away. In my rear view mirror, I could see the back of the mall. There was but the one open bay, and I had managed to steer us into it.


Johanna said...

Now I see why your Grandchildren are so cute. Your children were also adorable!

It's All Connected said...

Well, there's an experience you never could forget! The bunny is kind of creepy, though. ~ Maureen

Lola said...

Lovely capture!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there's a God moment for you - only one open bay, and you were guided to it! What an unforgettable experience! And the best part is everyone, including the car, was OK.