Sunday, April 29, 2012


We lost Bandit this week. He was 18 years old, which is like 1,000 in dog years.

He'd pretty much been fading before our eyes, which is why I used the fuzzy setting in Instagram to take his picture. In the past few months, he seemed to be in soft focus all the time.

His ailments became numerous.

He lost weight.

He stared into space a lot, but didn't appear to be in pain. Just confused. Maybe waiting.

We knew that we were getting closer to his final day, but we didn't think it would come when we were in Savannah to celebrate my mother-in-law Betty's 90 years on this earth.

The good news is our girls were with us because of their grandmother's memorial service. Had we been in Naperville, not all of us would have been together to rush poor Bandit to the vet (thank you, Dr. Gall at Chatham Animal Hospital) or rub his ears 24 hours later and kiss him good bye.

This was taken two months ago on the island where my mother-in-law lived for 20 years.

Bandit was pretty keen to sniff out the what's what of the Landings Harbor Marina with its marsh grasses and ocean and wildlife. I suspect a dog's nose can appreciate a view like this in ways we will never know.

So, while we are sad, we'd like to think that he is in a place where there is no thunder to scare him. Pepperoni pizza is always on the menu. Playing keep away from the humans is not frowned upon. And there is always an accommodating lap.


Char said...

Oh, Sue,we are so sorry. Bandit couldn't have been more well loved. I imagine that there might even be some braunschweiger on the menu in heaven these days.

Johanna said...

Bandit was an important part of my life too. His sweet and loving puppy self led to my Rudy becoming my best friend and constant companion. Bandit left us all cuddlier, calmer and happier people-- God bless his precious little soul. My heart to his family who loved him so much.

Sarah said...

I'd like to think Bandit and Mother are curled up on a really comfy sofa together right now and mother is introducing him to Dad.

It's All Connected said...

I've been through the loss of a beloved pet too many times and feel so sorry for pain. I'm certain our canine friends are stretched out on a couch somewhere, eating pizza! Take care. ~ Maureen

Carly said...

So sorry to hear about Bandit. I know he lived a long and happy life with you guys. I'll be thinking about you <3


Carol said...

I am so terribly sorry. I knew this day was eventually coming, but it is still a sad shock when the news finally comes. It is hard to lose a pet, but the ones that were there the longest are the hardest to let go. My sympathies go out to you and your family.

lpa said...

your baby was such a sweet jem of dog. i am so sorry for your loss. what a huge loss. god bless. and as others have stated, no doubt there are a few jp's in heaven now meeting his every need. {{{hugs to you all.}}}

BFL said...

A beautiful tribute.

gardendiva said...

That photo of Bandit reminds me of the iconic Wyeth painting, "Christina's World".

Anonymous said...

Here is the best adjective anyone - human or canine - can have next to their name: BELOVED. So, farewell feisty little Bandito; you certainly carved a permanent place in your family's heart.


Anonymous said...

Sue and family,
We're so sorry for your losses - first Betty and then Bandit. No one can take their respective places, but your world is better for having known and loved them. The whole family is in our prayers.

Betshy said...

Bandit was a well-loved part of your family that I know will be deeply missed. How nice and fitting that you were all together! Our sympathies!
May his memory be eternal!

laurie said...

i'm so sorry. a gorgeous dog, beautiful pictures, a lovely tribute, and a gigantic hole in your heart. i am so sorry.

Sharon said...

Sue, I'm so sorry for all of you but Bandit had a great life, no one could or would have done as much for that puppy as you.

Splendid Little Stars said... sorry!
How painful to loose a cherished pet. How great that everyone got to be with him to say goodbye.
lovely photos!