Monday, October 4, 2010

NCHS -- Is That You?

Naperville Central hosted an open house Sunday so the Ancients could see what $87.7 million in renovations looks like. For me and mine, I'd say pretty darned cool.

Love the swoopy new entrance. At least, I think it's the new entrance. It's how we got in, anyway.

Of course, we ran into everyone we know. (After 23 years in the same town, I should hope so.)

Demo-ing the Interactive Kiosk. (I think I saw this on Grey's Anatomy.)

The cafeteria. Is this a cool space or what?  I forgot to ask how the screen will be used.
All My Children? Real World? Animal Planet?

Mr. Dennison greets a member of the Class of 2026, who enthusiastically endorsed the chocolate chip cookies.

Curvilinear! Hip! Great aesthetic! Go, you.

Love that this portion of the original facade was saved.

Two views of the LRC. Glass, wood, steel -- great detail.

Bookcase endcaps. Awesome.

Just one of many classrooms with a dry erase wall, corkboard on top and a Smart Board, which projects whatever is on the teacher's laptop. Touch the board with a finger or pen, and the board interprets it as a mouse-click. No chalk dust here.

We were invited to try out the dry erase wall. Hopefully, we haven't set a bad precedent for you-know-who.

Yes, we wrote that together. And I must say, we have excellent penman, uh, markership.

Great view of the football field from the new Gymnastics gym.

Where would we be without education?
Go Hawks.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures of the new school. Thanks for sharing to those of us who couldn't make the open house.

BFL said...

Wow! School buildings have certainly changed, inside and out, since back in the day. Of course, most important is what goes on in those classrooms. Spoken like a teacher, don't you think?

Kathy and Freddy said...

MY Goodness! Wow! Super DE-Luxe! Mod and fab.
ALso love the commentary.
And you know what word I had totally lost right out of my vocabulary? LRC.

Anna JP said...

Ahhhh so cool!

Betsy JP Anderon said...

Wow it looks so different!!! Zachary is already a Redhawks fan!!! Wish I could have gone with you dad to see it. I have great memories of that place :)

Tom & Lara said...

87.7 million?! Wow, that place looks like the Metropolitan. How many students attend there?

Sarah Jp said...

Did Candace make any donations to the ole school?

Lynn J. said...

Wow! Thanks for the update! I do not recognize the old place, especially the IMC or LRC or whatever it's called these days. It didn't look anything even close to that in the 90's! NCHS, long may she make treasured memories for staff and students alike.