Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Naperville Neutral

When we moved to Naperville from Atlanta 23 years ago, the phrase Naperville Neutral was in vogue. It meant that the whole house vibe -- paint, carpet, kitchen -- HAD to be a safe beige, so when the owners were transferred to Detroit or Cinci or Dallas seven months down the road, the house could be sold lickety-split. Sans color, sans character, sans everything.

Which puts me in mind of the scenery around Whalon Lake, which is being drained of color at an alarming rate:

Love the plants and people who defy the rules.


Johanna said...

Do what all those people in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan surely did to make their trees so beautiful. Spray paint. No more bland. Here in Savannah, it's 86 degrees, the ac is still on and, yes, I'm complaining.

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

Need your incredible wisdom to figure something out.

Been working all day in my office watching the wind blow, Oh, 50-60 mph. Can't figure out why the city decided to spend our tax dollars having the "leaf guys" try to pick them up today. So far the only guy I think that has made out is my neighbor across the street as his pile blew into my yard after the guys disturbed it.

Gotta love it

Mr B

Kathy and Freddy said...

Gosh. Naperville Neutral..what fond memories.......no personality allowed (except the odd duck decoy decor).

Naperville Now said...

While Naperville Now looks about for her duck decoy, she must confess the mere mention of taxes blowing in the wind causes her terrible angina. Or agita. Probably both.

If the city had waited until Friday, everything would've been in Bolingbrook. If only Mr. B and Naperville Now were in charge of the world.

Golandfolre said...

Beige is said to be passe, but I say it rules...