Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My snake-killing, RV-driving, majorly intrepid sister-in-law is back in Georgia, having nearly completed a motoring excursion that would make Jack Kerouac beg for mercy. Jodie is indefatigable. Plus, she has managed to entertain us with email summaries every few days. Naperville Now has been quite pleased to glom those travel observations for the past month.

She left Sault Ste. Marie and son Will many days ago, headed toward Indiana and Amish country:

The sign of the day was a sight of the day. In front of a Chinese restaurant there was a 2-horse buggy hitched to a pole. Guess the family was tired of chicken noodle soup and homemade bread.

Next stop was a campgound in (I am not making this up) Rising Sun, Indiana:

My campsite is on the banks of the Ohio River. If I were so inclined, I could spit in the river from the back of my RV. All day long I watch the barge traffic and tugs go up and down the river. I have discovered that the barges blow their fog horns all night long as the fog gets thicker. Like trains, their signal is 2 longs and a short. It's so neat that I don't mind being awakened as they go by!  I have become the Waving Girl of the Ohio River (those of you who know Savannah know all about Florence Marten, the Waving Girl) as I wave at all the river traffic.

Of course, every vacation, even a Birthday Adventure Trip, may have a glitch or two:

My computer decided to stop connecting to WiFi 2 nights ago. As usual I called (son)Tom for computer help.He gave me the name of a computer repair person here in Rising Sun. I called him this morning and, just to point out how nice people are all over our country, this cute young guy made a house call to my camper here at the campsite.
He fixed my computer and charged me a grand total of $60. So there is some guy named Brandon (who works in the steel mill here but would really like to do computers full time ) to whom I am very grateful. I am now back online.

If I were any more relaxed my fingers would be too limp to type! I really, really love this lifestyle and have decided to find a way to adopt this way of living until I need assisted living ...Time to pour a cold beer and pull my chair up next to the river. Life is good.

From the RV Park of the Rising Sun, she has motored south and east to Kentucky (and through Rabbit Hash, population possibly 40) and Tennessee.

Yesterday was one of those days that reminds you how wonderful it is to travel and be on the road. I got up early, unplugged my power and water lines and drove to the Kentucky Guild Fall Craft Festival about 5 miles east of Berea, Kentucky. Sue, I thought of you the whole morning because you would have loved this. It was a juried show -- no tacky toilet paper holders made of tulle.
There were some beautiful things and the prices were (I thought) reasonable. I had to keep reminding myself: You do not need more stuff for the boys to clean out some day. I did buy a metal sculpture for my front porch, but it is so pretty that I am sure Will will want to inherit it.

And I wanted a tulle TP holder bad. Knitted ones are just so 1955.

Then I took the motorhome up the Cherohala Skyway out of Tellico Plains.  That road hadn't been built when I lived there and is now a scenic drive connecting Tellico Plains, TN and Murphy, NC. It was incredibly beautiful.The WOW factor of fall colors hit me again. If you are ever looking for a completely noncommercialized mountain drive, try this one! 
I am so sad to report that I am now in my last campground. Rudy has come full circle and we are back in Georgia. I drove over the mountains into North Georgia today taking the backroad, scenic routes. I am out in the middle of nowhere between Hiawassee and Helen, Georgia. I have a wooden deck that is just mine built out over the stream right out the door of the motorhome...

I have some work to do for work that I haven't touched yet this trip so will spend these last days catching up. I have onsite WiFi so can always watch You Tube if I get bored. I can also read the emails I hope to get from my family. I need some cheering up. I got an email today from a company that says it can get me a motorized wheelchair at a bargain price.

Now that is shred-worthy information.

Jodie and Rudy will hang around the campsite a few more days before heading to family in Atlanta, where they will probably have to pry the motor home from her cold, dead hands. Honey and I think she should just buy the thing, plan the next trip and be at peace. I'm sure there's a stretch of river where the trout are tumbling about, just waiting for her to pull up and light a campfire for the night.


Anonymous said...

Geography note to author: If you are traveling south from Chicago you go thru Kentucky and then you get to Tennessee.

Naperville Now said...

Charlie took the GPS, so I was really confused trying to parse J's trip for my faithful readers.

Kathy and Freddy said...

I do know from much experience that pesky Kentucky and Tennessee are in the way when you want to go to Georgia where they target out of state drivers for no good reason for "speeding". Especially in their fake construction zones.
I am so envious! And sad that living vicariously through J's adventures must now come to an end.

Johanna said...

Wonderful Sue! You make my trip sound like so much fun that I am officially hiring you as my E Mail editor for any future trips.

You're right. Giving this RV back to it's rightful owner is going to kill me. There has to be something wrong with a woman who loves living in 20 feet of space as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing about the adventures of your sister-in-law. She's a brave woman to head off on her own like that! Good for her!