Sunday, September 12, 2010


When we first moved to Naperville, our house was on a lot that had a whole lot of nothing on it. Even the grass was suspect. But after 15 years of digging in "soil" the consistency of cement, planting, replanting and planting some more, things began to take shape -- one day we will own a home in a wooded setting, where we will be protected from the relentless sun and grow hostas.

We found that wooded lot, here in the southern part of the city, and while we have gloried in its abundant shade, we have also slaved over the leaves that must be swept to the street. And while we have that backbreaker to look forward to in a few weeks, right now we are being battered by black walnuts and an acorn crop that will keep the squirrels at Weight Watchers for the next five years.

Such acorns! Such walnuts! It's like living in an organic pinball machine. You break your ankle walking across the little bit of lawn we do have. And you risk brain damage under the barrage of walnut hulls hurled by the vindictive critters on the roof and in the trees.

All of that noise is definitely interfering with my naps, so you can see why I'm so crabby.


Did I mention the woodpecker?

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Kathy and Freddy said...

You be careful out there! Don't wan't to fall down and break yer hip over by der