Monday, September 27, 2010

Hold the Mayo

I persuaded some friends to hit the penultimate Sandwich Antiques Market on Sunday. (And because I forgot my camera, I am forced to steal borrow artwork from the web for this post.)

I think we got pretty lucky: wooden folding chairs, a footstool, vintage sewing cabinet drawers, a dining room chair with a soon-to-be-remedied Naugahyde issue, a few Christmas gifts. Not a pink spaghetti poodle anywhere, sad to report. ( A relative of mine collects these vintage porcelain dogs.) And we saw a 1950s Halloween costume marked "Flame Retarded."

All told, we may have spent more on lunch than at the market. There was a time when it would actually take a full eight hours to see everything and there was zero time for lunch. Now, it seems that the economy has affected the second hand market. Or perhaps it's just easier to sell online. Maybe it's both.

Somehow, though, seeing a yellowing bottle brush tree in the flesh, uh, brush is a lot more compelling than on an auction site.

Sunday, Oct. 24 is the last hoo-rah for Sandwich, but fret not. The Kane County Flea Market rolls out the first weekend of nearly every month. A lot more tube socks and knock-off purses over by der, but there are gems to be found, should one care to look.

So, did you happen to go to Sandwich? What did you find? Naperville Now loves show and tell, so feel free to share with the class.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Wait!!! I have a yellow bigger than life sized ceramic dog that would go perfectly with the pink poodle collection. (slightly chipped..errrr...loved)
Quick! Go in my basement and get a photo!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink poodle! Can't wait to get it for Christmas and put it next to my Herend.

Johanna said...

I put my name on that comment and it made me anonymous. The little man inside my computer is ashamed of me.

Naperville Now said...

Naperville Now is deliriously happy anyone posts a comment, even if she is Ms. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a Herend?

Mr B

Naperville Now said...

Herend China, from Hungary. The original jp women are crazy for it.

Anna JP said...

I want that pink poodle to add to my collection that you have so cruelly stashed in the upstairs bathroom linen closet in my absence. I think you should feature a picture of all my poodles in your blog and have your readers vote in whether they are jealous of my collection or not! And if the yes votes outnumber the no votes, I challenge you change the name of Naperville Now to The Pink Poodle!!

Naperville Now said...

actually, I borrowed that poodle pic from the wonderful wide web. but I'm still looking for you, not to worry. as for the name change, I think it would hurt Bandit's feelings.