Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the Move

Well, the S&C B&B will officially close on Friday night (I think). Three extra people, a dog and a TV the size of Kansas City have fit in surprisingly well into our home. And garage. And patio. My only regret is that Zachary, who laughs at ALL my jokes, won't remember living here.

At the risk of sounding like a Grandma blog, which this is not, I want to share one of our conversations:

Zachary: "Blee ga dilly donk MEEEEEEEEEE."
Me: "Yes, we are having macaroni and cheese for dinner."
Zachary: "Mer will MA!" (The punctuation mark is intuited.)
Me: "Glad you think so."
Zachary: Arm shoots up over his head, finger pointing heavenward.
Me: "Yes, an airplane. Good ears. Meanwhile, stop feeding Howie. He doesn't like macaroni."

I will miss these dynamic exchanges in the days ahead. And truth be told, I will miss Howie, the pint-sized black Lab who vacuums our floors after each meal. In reality, Howie loves all food and is an ace cleaner-upper. He and Zachary definitely have a symbiotic relationship, a term I've been trying to fit into conversation since Biology class circa 1970.

The kids will be over by der in Aurora, some 10 miles from here, in a home that is in a great neighborhood with tons of little boys running around. It doesn't get more perfect than that.

They won't be too far from Aero Estates, so I suspect these boys will have plenty of practice listening for and pointing out airplanes.


Anonymous said...

Too cute--that C and Z!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun for you that you've had the B&B for this brief time (I know sometimes it didn't seem so brief, but when you look back on it, it will seem short). Hope the "kids" like their new home. Luckily it isn't too far, and you can easily visit back and forth.

P.S. Love your blog!
Donna C.

Anonymous said...

It really is the funniest blog on the planet. But then, it has a great cast.

Nancy said...

Love the photo of C and Z pointing skyward - I am almost certain it is an AA Super 80 overhead being flown by my favorite pilot :-)

Kathy and Freddy said...

Back to Old Dog Retirement Ranch....sigh...