Sunday, June 20, 2010

Al Gore? Is That You?

Now, I know that I complained ALL winter long about how cold and miserable it was, but I am in shock over how unpleasant the weather-we-wait-all-winter-for has been. Super hot, super sticky, super rainy. Where's all the fabulous spring-to-summer season that is our due, our inducement, our payoff for suffering through December, January, February and March (and April)?

And the Memorial Day Parade was canceled due to rain. (We were out of town, or I would have complained sooner.) And baby lost his blankie on the run to the car. And my garden is about as underdeveloped as Malawi.

Weather spite, pure and simple.

I think Mother Nature is so pissed at BP, she's taking it out on everyone, including the children.


Sharon said...

From God I Love Paris
Weather check: surely, you must be joking
June 19. It is gray and cool and rainy and I am still swaddled in scarves. When am I going to wake from this bad weather nightmare and be able to picnic by the Seine?

Hannah1016 said...

Hot here too but we can't even buy a drop of rain! Where's all that moisture that is supposed to scooped up into the clouds that I learned about in third grade?