Monday, June 28, 2010

Birds and Bugs

As forecasted, our Mother Bird flew the coop, undone by the comings and goings of five people and three dogs. Her egg was whole and unattended for several days, so there will be one less swallow in the skies.

Sorry, chickie. If it's any consolation, your nest was beautifully woven. And if I weren't so lazy, I would've taken a picture after Honey pried it in one mossy piece from the porch light.

Meanwhile, we are being consumed by mosquitoes due to our decision not to have the yard sprayed this year. It is HUGELY expensive to do and in a wave of West-Nile-Denial, we passed on the weekly neighborhood treatment. Ecologically and financially, I thought this was the wise choice because I do not garden in the buff AND I use Deep Woods Off.

Given the size and number of welts on this poor body, you'd call me a liar. As it is, this is one picture I won't bother to share.

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Hannah1016 said...

The big black snake got my bird's nest again this year! I actually saw him leaving the hanging basket. I now know they can jump down to the ground. My question is how he got up there????