Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Gotta Get a Plan

In about 12 hours, this is what Chicago is going to look like, which leads me to this thought: we gotta get a plan. I don't know what that plan is, exactly, I just know we need one so I can clutch it to my heart and keep its small flame alight while I'm snowblowing the forever driveway and sidewalks in my hometown, Naperville.

Savannah is too hot in the summer, but it might work for the three to five months of winter that gnaw and thaw at Chicago's heart. The question is, how much can we afford bungalow-wise in the sun? Honey? Where's the calculator?

A friend of ours actually has a 99-year lease on a mobile home on a beach in California (Venice, I think). He bought it so his very long commute to his real home in Cucamonga (yes, that really is a place) would be on weekends only. Of course, there were some spectacular trailer jokes cracked on his behalf, especially from his kids and their friends, who all now use the place constantly.

I'm thinking I'm not much for trailers, but I could do bungalow. And maybe a condo here? First floor. Good insulation. Handyman. This is beginning to sound really, really good.

Okay, there would be too much vaccuuming involved with this joint on the right, but you get the idea: no snow, fair winds, civilized, azaleas. I like that.

Honey, have you found that calculator?

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Kathy and Freddy said...

Is that the blizzard of '69?
That was one awesomely fun storm.