Sunday, February 17, 2013

If I Could

I'd have an unlimited budget for flowers.

They would be sent to the house starting Dec. 1 and continue weekly until May 1, the actual span of a Chicago winter.

Failing that steady infusion of hope, life and color, I'd live at Whole Foods, which is where I took these quick pics last week.

I want to climb into those vases and roost.

March 20 is the calendar spring launch.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can make it.

How do you cope with the ennui of winter? Leave me a comment on this, my 400th post.


laurie said...

my sister-in-law brought over one of those "growing gardens" yesterday--it's tulips and mini-daffodils and hyacinths, planted in a pot, with just the beginings of shoots showing. the theory is that when they've bloomed and died back, it'll be spring.

of course, this is minnesota, so that's just the theory.

thank you for your support on my blog, by the way. i so appreciate it.

Lynn said...

Moved further south where the winters aren't nearly as long or as cold and gray. Football gets us through the first of it, after that, crank up the heat, invite a few friends over, encourage them to come in their summer clothing, throw in some leis, steel drum music and call it a "We Hate Winter" party. Great success and a sure cure for the winter blahs! Hang in there, February is a short month. Actually, the daffodils here are already peeking their heads up. Seems like almost no winter at all!

Irene said...

Our winters in the Netherlands are not nearly as bad as yours are there, so nothing seems as bleak to us. We are even getting a taste of spring already. The days are getting longer and little sprigs of green things are starting to pop up out of the ground. That gives us hope.

bill lisleman said...

I stumbled on to your blog from a comment you left somewhere. I could say I just headed west one town over. I prefer flowers with color so the last picture would be my pick. I'm not a big flower guy but I enjoy the smell of them in spring. Morton Arboretum is great place to walk around and enjoy them. We can't complain too much about the mild winter we have had. Little shoveling which is fine with my back.
next blog.

Sharon said...

We celebrate February 1st as the first day of spring with flowers, decorations and an indoor picnic.

sandy said...

I'm still working my way around the Grow Your Blog party. I'm your newest follower. Lovely flowers on your post. Your dream of flowers arriving is one I would enjoy also, being from Minnesota! Sometimes I just meander through the flower section of the grocery store to get my fix.
sandy :)

sandy @ french laundry 132 said...

you made me laugh when you said you would live at Whole Foods LOL so would I ♥ We go once a week and I am in that store forever. I'm with you on the flowers too ♥♥♥

oh, p.s. in reference to you suggesting I should be on google chrome regarding my posts disappearing. I am always on google chrome :O)

have a great week!
if it makes you feel any better it's been really chilly down here in the South.

Splendid Little Stars said...

How clever to take photos of store flowers!
Happy 400th post!
OK. This may not sound fair, but my hubby and I plan a trip to a warm place in late February or early March (when we can). It helps to have this to look forward to, to actually go, or for it to be almost Spring when we return.
I do have a lot of indoor plants.

Beth said...

I pull up a geranium in the fall, pot it up and put it on my kitchen windowsill. It never flowers but I can pinch the leaves and smell summer most of the winter.
Happy 400th post!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Congrats, and great work.
We're fogged in here, but I know it's worse there.

AlisonJo said...

Congrats on your 400th post. I'm still reading, so keep it up. You make us smile!