Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Agricultural Edition

Of course, if you're the kind of person who doesn't eat anything with a face, you wouldn't find these fellers particularly funny (or edible).

Nancy of Keller's Farmstand says Mother Nature provides the facial quirks, staff provide the eyes.

(Is it me or do you think this potato looks like W.C. Fields?)

(Kilroy, far right.)

Nancy says they try not to name their season's impersonators, given their fates.

Oh, the humanity.

After scoring some homegrown tomatoes, early Jonathan apples and local honey (said to help combat allergies. I'll get back to you on that later.), I arrived home to this guy in the front yard.

See him? Her?

He posed cautiously while I scrambled to unearth my camera.

And then he took off with his dinner.



I was thrilled to see something happening to the anarchist chipmunks that have tunneled our garden and destabilized our patio all the livelong summer. 

But when I magnified the image, I realized it was not a chipmunk, but a Robin, poor thing. (I'll spare you the closeup.)

Anyone up on their Illinois birds of prey? Naperville Now likes to know who is cruising the hood.

Joining up with Mrs. Matlock at Alphabe-Thursday this week. Check out the links.


Anonymous said...

Wow it is wild out there on the other side of the Hudson. Actually, falcons are quite active in NYC too. Saw one take out a pigeon in mid-air...

It's All Connected said...

Well, that's a bit of a Circle Of Life moment! ~ Maureen

Nancy said...

I think it is a red-tailed hawk. They are common around here. We often see them on our walks on the bike path. They always look like they love flying, especially gliding on the updrafts. Have seem one swoop into our backyard on occasion after a small bird or varmint too.

Anonymous said...

That is a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. You can tell by the brown streaks on its chest and there are bands on his tail if you look close enough. Red-tailed hawks are bigger. We have some in our neighborhood and a pair of red-taileds, too.
A lover of raptors,
Vicki Beattie

Kathy and Freddy said...

That bird was next to my pond the other day. I was too late in getting my camera...
It seemed small for a hawk or (I was hoping) Falcon.
I wonder if that is who is murdering my robins?

lissa said...

looks more like an eagle to me. that poor robin!

Karen S. said...

I just saw falcons at the fair, and as their owner said, falcons are hunters, but they only eat the slower, sicker or diseased birds! Not healthy robins by any means! But it probably is from the hawk family....nice photos anyway. Use google images and you can see!

anitamombanita said...

Love your fruity animals! And that bird was spectacular!!

Sandy said...

Looks like a Falcon to me,, I get them in my yard a lot... Love the veggie photos... lol

anitamombanita said...

Thanks for stopping by. You asked about how I got the effect in the last image...it's just shot through a very wet windshield. It was pouring and I focused on the windshielld wirh a small aperture so the water is sharp and the background too.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

quite creative faces.

what juicy post on p.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I like the Jimmy Durante tomato!!
Great hawk (or whatever bird) photos, especially the in-flight ones!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Veggies can apparently be quite entertaining!
Wow! What an amazing bird to show up in your front yard, no less!

Lara said...

We used to have a Cooper's Hawk that would sit on our back deck railing and "attack" his reflection in our window. It was scary because we thought he was going to break the glass. Luckily, a tree's branch eventually grew and blocked his reflection and we never saw him again.

Judie said...

It definitely looks like a hawk. Better hide those fruits with faces! He just might try to carry one off!!

Rita said...

Very interesting collection of veggies you have shared today. I have to admit finding these kinds of items in at the farmers market rather exciting. I must led a very sheltered life.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Nice to see another northern Illinois blogger. I saw your name on a comment on another blog, and had to stop by. I'm out in DeKalb County, so not too far away.

We had a hawk swoop into our yard one day a couple of years ago and snatch a squirrel right out of a tree. He/she sat in the neighbor's yard to devour his lunch with wings spread out as if to protect his lunch from view.

Jenny said...

I'm pretty sure it's a hawk!

Love your vegetables!

I found them practically perfect in every way!


Thanks for linking!

This was a fun stop this week.