Monday, September 10, 2012


Note to self: take laptop on vacation so as not to use teeny tiny dumb phone to peck out teeny tiny words for your reading pleasure. Because, quite frankly, Naperville Now cannot see squat these days, particularly on an iPhone screen. And it made her crazy not to be able to share these (less than stellar) pix from her first-time visit to Bahston.

That being said, here was Friday's lunch:

Does it get much better than Littlenecks?
Hie thee to The Daily Catch. They have just a few tables set up in a rather grody kitchen. Very Charlie Trotterish, but without the ambience or pricetag. (Regardless, bring cash, because they don't accept credit cards. The food was fabulous.)
More vacation highlights (chowder, more Littlenecks, Walden Pond, Harvard and Mike's Pastry) to come.
But first, the laundry.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Can't wait to hear the trip report!

Sharon said...

Take good notes because we're heading there on one of our adventures!

Janice said...

So happy to hear you are decompressing in Boston. We 'did' that town many years ago, while Ed went to training classes and my parents kept our three very small
tots. Wow. I am wondering if I ever thanked them enough for what was a huge task, done for nothing but love.

I am wondering if the No Name Restaurant is still in business. If so, and you have a chance, check it out. I recall standing in line with a lot of people, most of whom were carrying in their own coolers and bottles of liquor to
accompany the dinner. I remember it as very casual, very cheap, and very good.

Enjoy the sights. We loved Boston. (I probably would have loved anywhere that allowed me to sleep through the night.)