Tuesday, July 17, 2012



[ahn-wee, Fr. ahn-nwee] noun

a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.

listlessness, tedium, lassitude, languor.

1660–70; French: boredom; Old French enui; displeasure; see Chicago and national weather report; see why house renovations are in a complete stall; see dearth of clean clothes; see why we are eating pretzels for dinner; see snail's pacing of Naperville Now blog posts.

I realize it is summer. It is supposed to be hot in summer. But it is frying pan hot here, and across most of the U.S., with the exception of San Diego, where my high school pal Kathy lives. She posted on Facebook that it was too cold to take her laptop out on to her porch because it wasn't even 70 degrees.

Weather envy. At my age. Pathetic.

Our annuals are shot. Again.

I don't want to even think about the trees and bushes. The critters show up at our backyard fountain and sit in two inches of water, staring into space. Bird ennui. Clearly.
There is so much to do before the wedding, it makes my head hurt.

I think I'll take a nap, provided I can overcome my ennui and make it to the couch.


Pondside said...

Oh dear - if I could, I'd send a cooling breeze your way. I was at a baseball game last night and the spectators were wrapped in blankets against the ocean breeze. Could we just have a happy medium across the continent?

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a jump in the pool?

Janice said...

You and I are suffering from the same 'malady', apparently. I just completed a 10 minute power nap, as I just couldn't face the last minute pre-wedding to-do
list. Now, I just got off the phone with the florist, and am about to 'dress' a chair in tulle to measure exact amount needed for this project. Let me state, I
am not crafty. Fortunately, my extremely crafty cousin will be attending the event, and has agreed to dress up a few chairs that morning.

It's All Connected said...

I finally have time to work on my yard and find I can't stand being out there in the heat. I should take a nap! ~ Maureen