Thursday, May 24, 2012

Postcard 2

(Naperville Now left her camera at home, so you must bear with her iPhonically.)

It's been a week, so my treat was to drive down to the marina and watch the sun set.

And a party was in progress.

Anyone who lives on the island may attend and partake in a low country shrimp boil and/or barbeque.

Did I mention there were cocktails?

So, a huge score for Naperville Now to be able to listen to live, quite-good music, stroll the marina and enjoy a Stella.

Kids were catching fiddler crabs and racing them by the marsh grasses. Boats zipped or sailed across the water.

And some folks (who apparently are from Connecticut) got to ride this perfect wave:

A guy admiring it at the same time as I said  it was a 1955 or '56 Continental Thunderbird.

Is there anything better than a red convertible?

Safe travels by land and sea to everyone this week.


Anonymous said...

As an owner of a red convertible, I'd agree that there is nothing like it! But, that particular one is a classic treasure for sure.

Sounds like a wonderful outing for Naperville Now, camera or no!

Cuzzin Carolyn

BFL said...

I think a yellow MG convertible would give this red car a run for its money. :-)

Naperville Now said...

@BFL, you are so right. What is it about a convertible?

noexcuses said...

Love the red convertible! We are selling our 1970 Karmann Ghia convertible (sniff)! I'm moving from St. Louis to Schaumburg. May I buy you a cup of coffee sometime?

Beautiful pictures!

qandlequeen said...

Both modes of transportation look fabulous and relaxing.