Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dear Charlotte,

Our hearts are very full today.

You were baptized just after 9 this morning, and everyone was there to see you.

You wore the same gown your mother wore 29 years ago (a gift from your great-grandmother, Betty) and the same cross necklace, a gift from Auntie Joyce.

So many connections. So many memories. A few tears. (Maybe a few more than a few.)

Auntie Joyce hand smocked the bonnet (crazy detail. hours of work. so precious) for your mother's baptism.

Bonnets are not particularly nap-friendly, so it was tucked away.

You pretty much snoozed through the entire service.

Many friends came to welcome you.

Big brother observed you had forgotten to say "Cheese!" in the many photographs I was taking, so here he is showing you how to do it.

Brothers are really great for stuff like that.

How blessed we are to have shared this day with you.

Sweet dreams, darling girl.



Carol said...

So beautiful! The pictures, the words, the sentiment. God bless you, little Charlotte!

Nancy said...

Lovely. You have captured the moment for those of us who were unable to be there. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and blessed baby girl and beautiful family, too. Congratulations to all!
The Beatties

Lynn said...

Sniffle....she is so precious and looks just like her mom. God Bless, and thank you, Sue, for sharing the day so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sue. What a beautiful and sweet grandbaby. Very touching memories.

Grace said...

Beautiful baby, blessed family. I feel like I witnessed the Christening personally, As always, thanks for inviting us into your eloquent world.

Sharon said...

Photos and words just beautiful!

BFL said...

Sweet post. Beautiful baby. Charming big brother.
Thanks for sharing, Grandma. (And FYI, I vividly remember getting the call with news of Betsy's birth. My, we are getting old.)

Anonymous said...

Ditto and A-men to all of the above! Congratulations, Sue, Charlie and all!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the sentiment. Thanks for sharing!


Sally and/or Steve said...

Hey, Sue. We finally found your blog site. (We lost the "directions" you gave us last time we saw you and CJP.) This is my second attempt at leaving you a comment. Doesn't seem that the first try was successful. Anyway, the pictures of Charlotte are so beautiful. What a good looking babino (or should that be babina?). And, I have been reading some of your previous blogs - very entertaining. Unfortunately, I have to stop reading them or I won't be ready for Christmas. In fact, I will never be ready for Christmas which is why I so enjoyed your other December commentary. I'm thinking that now that Andy Rooney has (finally) gone on to meet his maker, you should take his spot on CBS. You're not doing anything especially important on Sunday nights, are you?

Naperville Now said...

Dear Sally & Steve,
You have made my day.
(And if you know anyone at CBS...)
Hugs and kisses.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Such a cute angelic face. Just beautiful.