Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Accept No Substitutes

After a 3-day, madcap visit to St. Louis to look at (all of the) wedding dresses (that have ever been made), it is time to contemplate this vision in violet.

I am very proud of Betsy for coordinating little Charley's ensemble today. Her Aunt Sis will be very proud when she sees her niece styling just so this Wednesday afternoon.

More details to follow on the 2012 wedding plans, just not tonight.

I can tell you the dress we found for Anna is so lovely, I gasped. Several times, I think. Jumping may have been involved. Also multiple pictures and cell phone calls to Chicago.

How great it is to know you've found the one.

So, my marrieds, have any wedding gown stories to share? Naperville Now is all ears, so leave a comment.

(I just unpacked my 31-year-old dress last month. It has a certain Miss Havisham-like quality to it, I fear. But no worries. Should I need a wedding gown, and who doesn't, I have another. I wore it to a fancy ball and my high school graduation, which is how we do things back east.)


Sharon said...

Ok, I wore my wedding dress again (first time 1978) in 1993 and OMG it still fit, to a Halloween party Jeff was Frankenstein and I was his bride. Then when Em was married she carried a handkerchief made from it. It served me well. Charlotte, by the way looks simply beautiful.

Naperville Now said...

of course it fit, you slender thing you. please post pix of Frank and you on your next available blog. hankie idea is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd thought of the handkerchief idea for our daughter! Great idea! She choose to wear a more contemporary dress. My sister and I both wore the wedding gown our mother had worn (made out of parachute material) which included pieces of lace from her mother and grandmother's dresses. Lots of history in that dress. Still have it. (Don't know if it still fits.)