Thursday, October 20, 2011

Casting Purls Before Champagne

My friend Carol, a faithful Naperville Now follower, asked if book club would be interested in learning how to knit. It is an art that she has thrown herself into with such verve, she has enough needle poundage to defend a small country.

During book club, we generally enjoy several tots of champagne, so learning a new skill and mixing it with alcohol sounded just about perfect.

By the end of the night, no one had made this baby bonnet, though Carol did a few weeks ago and presented it to our 8-week-old granddaughter, Charley.

I know, right?

I like this champagne/yarn vignette. It reminds me of Hannah Hart's insanely funny My Drunk Kitchen, wherein she does a brilliant job of cooking badly and drinking splendidly. We managed to do pretty much the same thing, only with sharp needles.

Notice Sharon coordinated her sweater with her yarn.

This is Beth eschewing yarn for floss. (We may be more competitive than I realized.)

My goal was not to embarass myself too much, so I watched 400 knitting videos on You Tube. (A lot of people are confused by left and right.  I find that troubling.)

And while I was striving to create a dignified potholder, Carol showed us "how easy it is" to make this scarf:

In as much as I would love to sew with cobweb threads, I think I must stick with the potholder plan.

Freddy, our mascot, pronounced the brut exceptional and the "My Drunk Knitting" players ready for prime time.

Thank you, Carol, for your expert guidance and unfailing good humor. Thank you, Kaki, for hosting. Sorry you were stuck cooking for the troops.

Let's do it again next week. I'll bring the Taittinger.

Sounds a little sewy, doesn't it?


Carol said...

It was such a pleasure to work with such eager and talented pupils! Thank you for the kind words, though I think you give me a bit too much credit. It was a wonderful night, and I would be pleased to host another knitting lesson session here anytime.

Sharon said...

Love it!

Lynn said...

You girls sure sound like you're having fun! Brought to mind the Blossom Street series of books by Debbie Macomber, where we meet the women who all meet and become friends taking a knitting class. Of course, the addition of the bubbly is genius! Have fun, and Sue, please post pictures of your finished project.

Kathy and Freddy said...

Such fun, as always!
Fred is happy to be given the honor of Drunk Knitting Mascot.
Thank brut very much.