Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Drink

Over the weekend, we made a terror trip to St. Louis in order to bring a few household bits to our daughter, AJ. She has moved out of the city (named the Most Dangerous in 2010) and southward. 

We took Bandit, our 1000-year-old dog, because he loves a road trip and is remarkably well-behaved for a dog who can't see or hear much anymore.

Part of move-in day involved a dinner invitation Saturday, which we accepted reluctantly because, afterall, we had this inconvenient dog. Not to worry, we were assured. There's a fenced-in yard. No worries! Really!

We arrive, meet our hosts for the first time and head to the yard so Bandit can sniff around a bit before dinner. Not three minutes into the story of the building of their backyard pool we hear a smallish splash.

Headed to the bottom faster than the Titanic is our dog.

I seem to remember a whole lot of slow motion on the pool deck. 
"Thank you, I'd love one."
"Cute sandals, Mom."
"Thanks! They're new."
"You say you built this pool in 2000?"
"That dog can't swim."

Jumping into the water, sandals still on my feet, I reach down and hoist Bandit up to the gaping crowd behind me. No mouth-to-muzzle required. Apparently he knows how to hold his breath.

By the time dinner was over, we were both fairly dry. And one of us still smelled good, so the evening wasn't a complete disaster. Pretty close, though.
We're packing swimmies next time. And a seeing-eye dog.

With major thanks to my pal Mike Haidley for the fabulous
 Bandit in Hot Water illustration.


Sharon said...

I think Bandit is really a cat, with 9 lives!

BFL said...

I believe the rescue is worthy of a Girl Scout badge of some sort.

Naperville Now said...

or at least a pair of new sandals.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bandit is the luckiest dog I know! Good fast thinking/acting Mrs. J!

Carol said...

That illustration is really great.

Poor Bandit. Imagine the shock of being on a journey to a strange place, having the chance to stretch the legs and sniff around a little bit, and suddenly finding oneself in a fight for survival. Thank goodness our dear Sue did not let a pair of cute new sandals get in the way of saving a life. You go girl!