Sunday, May 22, 2011


There's a very nice man who occasionally walks his dog past our corner of the woods. We've spoken a few times to exclaim over each other's pet (his is definitely on crack cocaine; ours has 3 paws in the hereafter). Tonight, as Bandit wagged his tail and then lost track of what he was doing, I explained the old boy was 17 years old and nearer to God than thee.

"You mean this is the dog from your children's childhood?" he asked.

"Yes, and a living example of the power of costly veterinary care," I replied. "Imagine your dog in 14 years." (At that moment, she was joyously ricocheting off the earth and, occasionally, Bandit.)

As he gave Bandit a pat, he said imagining his children 14 years from now made him sad. His eldest was just finishing his first year of high school, the others were in junior high and grade school. Time seems to be speeding up, he said. And it made him sad to think about it.

I felt absolutely terrible for making him feel sad, particularly when I'm feeling rather invigorated myself. I'm enjoying this thing called freedom, which may be heretical and invalidate my Mom Card, but I am quite serene about it, thank you.

And while I have sometimes missed the carloads of kids, their stories of love lost and love attained, the swim meets and plays and assemblies and pomp and hoopla, I miss the careening back and forth not at all. And there is less laundry now, which is always a plus.

Kids, you know I love you. I am so glad you are launched and doing marvelously on your own. Which was the plan all along.

Go, you. Go, us.


Anna JP said...

This has been my favorite post to date. Love you too Mom

Robbie Gallinger said...

Funny. Welll written. Every Woman's sentiment. The sharp witted Sue Littell I remember!

Carol said...

I know this is a pensive post, a bittersweet meditation on time's passage and how life stops for no man, but I started laughing at "three paws in the hereafter" and never stopped. You are the cleverest person I know.

Kathy and Freddy said...

Perfect, and ditto what Carol said.

Lynn said...

I have said it before and will say it again, Sue. You are so talented and should seriously consider writing a book. I also agree with Carol, this is one of your best posts ever. Never underestimate the power of "doggie downers" and therapy. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Always an "upper" to read your blog! Thanks for the smiles, and laughter. You brighten my day!

Amy Moglia said...

Sue, I'm Charlie's ole neighbor from Athens, TN. Please note that I said "ole", not "old"!!!!

Facebook and my sister, Alison, have helped us reconnect. He directed me to your blog. I haven't sunk my teeth in yet, but decided to bookmark it after reading this entry. He said you were a writer and indeed you are! I enjoyed this thoroughly, being in the same empty nest as you are.

I will visit your blog often. Your girls are adorable (I know they are older now. Post a current pic too!)

Nice to "meet" you!

Nancy said...

Your blogs are all enjoyable Sue but this is, indeed, a keeper. I agree that the empty nest is not entirely a bad thing, especially when one is pleased with the direction their adult children are headed. I sleep a lot better these days! Only regret is that my kids being older means that I am older too! That part is not fun!