Saturday, May 28, 2011

101 Things to Do in Naperville

Hey, hometown. Have you seen this book?
(And will someone tell me why I didn't think of it?)

Authors Ellen and Mary were at the Naperville Men's Glee Club performance at Wentz Concert Hall earlier this month, hawking this 6-inch square of fun fun fun.

From Scrabble in Fredenhagen Park (#99) to playing the GPS-driven Geocache game at the Settlement (#52) to practicing your "Ollies, Nollies and Kickflips (#31) at Naperville's two skate parks, there are many thoughtful and unexpected pursuits within its pages.

The book is available pretty much all over town. The authors' website is here.

A great gift for friends and for the city of Naperville.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know how, but we are # 2!!!!!! NIFF
Naperville Independent Film Festival Sept. 17-24th What a great idea: Love this book!!!