Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mailing stuff from the Washington Street Post office just got even more gnarly. The Post Office has sold the truly inconveniently-located parking lot that is across the street at Benton. As of May 13, you'll have to use the parking garage.

When I asked what was planned for the corner, the desk clerk replied, "No one tells us anything."

Perhaps the Washington Street station is nearing extinction, which is a shame. Ever since Mail Works ceased to be a postal substation and the prices soared, I've been mailing stuff as infrequently as possible. The Ogden Avenue Post Office is so huge and unwieldy and a pain in the stamp. (Would someone tell me why post offices are always so ridiculously inefficient?)

I filled out a ponderous form sent by the US Postal Service regarding all things postal in Naperville last week. And I used the comments section abundantly. But I swear I didn't dis the Post Office or its parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

Don't Post Offices seem like if you closed your eyes you could swear you were in Motor Vehicle? One big difference. Motor Vehicle IS a monopoly and the Post Office STILL THINKS it is. The Post Master General (should he be a private?) is managing it into extinction.

Mr B

Kathy and Freddy said...

I miss our old perfect mailman.

Sharon said...

What's a Post Office?

Nancy said...

I mail stuff at Oswald's now. The clerk is a bit cranky but then so am I these days, and it is easier than going into town.

Even better, we recently got a small postal scale that connects to our computer. It weighs the package, then you use the USPS site to print out a label and pay your postage. Final step - let the Post office know you have a package for pick-up and your mailman comes right to your doorstep to get it! Now if only that were our former mailman, Bill, who was conscientious to a fault, it would, indeed, be the perfect system!