Monday, May 10, 2010

Fridge Fright

In that I bought a brand new insulated lunch bag for work (it's grey! it's cute! it was $5.99 at The Container Store!), I was reluctant to jam it into the unbelievably disgusting fridge at work.

After three days of cringing, I volunteered to clean the shelves, provided people removed their decaying detritus in a timely fashion.

Among other curdled disgustingness, this is what I found:

Okay, in deference to the truth, this picture is from the Internet and the blackened object that I found went immediately into the garbage (after I showed it to the co-workers, of course.) It was inside what I believe to be a former employe's lunch bag. She's been gone since 2009.

I need to go boil my hands now. And then this keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

Do you think it would stll make a good smoothie? That is what we do with the old ones.

Mr B

Sue Johnpeter said...

For an Egyptian mummy from the Ptolemaic period, maybe.