Friday, February 26, 2010

Sign Up

Due to the big traffic mess that is Washington, I've become a devout Naper Boulevard-er. (Or Boulevardier. Or even Boulevardiere, since I'm female. But I digress.) So how is it that I have overlooked this library sign. Was it really here before Feb. 18th when I left on vacation?

I need to slow down and pay bettter attention.

PS With a little help from Ralph and Grace's Mom, I have tweaked how you leave comments at Naperville Now. I hope it is now easier and that you will be inclined to comment your brains out.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Next improvement should be to get the adult collection OUT OF THE BASEMENT

suejohnpeter said...

You are so right about that! said... need to slow down and see the signs..
God only kows what you have been missing...