Monday, April 8, 2013


April is showering today, so the world should start to green up.

The squirrels are particularly ecstatic about the rain. They skulk in our backyard waiting for the few pathetic tulips to reappear so they can snap their heads off.


I'm going to leave these by the window just to torment them.

(The vase was a wedding gift to my mother in 1943. It looks even better wearing daffodils.)

Meanwhile, we are off on a getaway this week to visit Stephen, Kevin and Bailey, with side trips planned to the Merchant's House, Broadway, and the library

While I am always a grateful and enthusiastic sightseer, I am particularly excited by the prospect of the NYPL visit because I have been trying to hunt down my grandfather's great-grandfather. He is an elusive guy whose paper trail may be waiting for me in the stacks. And because I know you guys are super excited about reading about my ancestors, I will do my best to check in with you this week on my progress with George, War of 1812 veteran and genealogical brick wall.

Happy Spring and safe travels to everyone everywhere, especially to Andy, who will travel 7400+ miles to the center of Asia next week. God bless you and keep you, my friend.


Nancy said...

You know I for one will be interested in whatever you dig up about George. If I cannot find more about my own family,I can live vicariously through yours! Thank you for remembering Andy. It will be a long 6 months for all of us. Have fun in NY!

Betshy said...

Safe travels. See you soon and want a full report!

Sharon said...

Have fun! What show are you going to see?

Splendid Little Stars said...

So it's squirrels who chomp tulips where you live! Here it seems to be the deer and they eat them!
Happy Spring and Happy Ancestor Hunting!

Kathy and Freddy said...

You and I. Field trip. NYPL. OR Newberry at the very least.

Naperville Now said...

Total deal!! Get back home ASAP!!