Thursday, June 28, 2012


When you think home repair, of course, you think Naperville Now.

Gorilla Glue -- not recommended for holding the toilet paper dispenser in place.

Scratch that. Gorilla Glue is the perfect adhesive for holding the toilet paper dispenser in place until you want to remove it in order to strip the scary wallpaper that's been hanging in the powder room at least 10 years.

Archaelogically speaking, this has been a fascinating renovation. Look what I found behind the light fixture:

Ah, the 1980s, or so I'm deducing.

But if you think that was ugly, look what I found under the foil wallpaper:

Remember stenciling? I do, though not in this color combo. Just not my preferred palette.

So what, you are no doubt asking, is next for Naperville Now's powder room?

White. Oh, and more white. Followed, possibly, by white.

I have spared you a picture of our (wait for it) pink fixtures.

Yes, I said pink.

Hosting a wedding does wonders for one's renovation motivation.

Stay tuned.


Carolyne said...

Sue this sounds oh so familiar. We are digging our way out of tons of sawdust from having new wood floors put in upstairs an down and refinishing the current ones. What were we thinking??? Today's agenda, carpet layers, window washers and piano movers who by the way charge way too much to move a baby grand 20 feet!!!!!

Kathy and Freddy said...

I'm thinking the stencil is from the Teal/Peach era.
The next: from the Mauve/ Baby Blue era....both 80's?
Hope to see the toilet as a planter in your yard!

mrs. c said...

Wow! It is like going back in time when you remove wait or wallpaper! I hope that you are getting your remodeling done. You asked about the quilt, yes it was hand sewn and hand quilted. We have so much fun going to look for treasures. Do you have a chance to go looking for treasures? Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

DIY, we used to do it when we first moved in.
We just chill, I write and he plays his music.
Nice story!

Pondside said...

Wow, that's better than any old archaeological dig!
I found that a wedding spurred on all the half-done projects around the house, but I still shudder when I think of the ten tonnes of gravel delivered the weekend of the shower.

Jo said...

What a great dig ... stencilling, that was quite a phase and i think i had it in almost every room ... i'm shuddering just at the memory of it!
Good luck with your reno's, i hope it all goes beautifully!

Esther Joy said...

Yes, a wedding would be a motivation to renovate!

Andy David said...

WoW! Definitely retro! LOL
Fascinating post. Good luck with the renovations!

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KDL said...

I can see why one might choose white to counteract all of that previous color :-). Enjoy your remodel, and rejoice that it's just a powder room. I won't share our horror stories from doing the whole house.

VBR said...

Stripping wallpaper is like a retropective on who lived in your house before - some of the wallpaper is ming boggling. What were they thinking? And, regarding those pink bath fixtures. In NYC at one time pink bathrooms were the rage. Pink tiles, trimmed with black tile, pink fixtures. This is not a good look. Every apartment we lived in had pink bathrooms!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm sure the renovation is not particularly humorous (I have scraped wallpaper off, too!), but you have certainly put an amusing slant on it. Good luck with getting everything ready!

Jenny said...

How fun!

I actually like seeing the layers of wallpaper emerge from the depths of poor decorating! ha!

This looks like it's going to be a fantastic redo!

Thanks for sharing it.


PS. Hope you and your family have a fabulous 4th!