Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everything Except the Squeak

My pal Nancy is a quiet and reserved person with MAD TALENT in 900 ways: art, design, painting, decorating, quilting, woodworking. And cooking. Or, in this case, baking by assemblage.

Maraschino cherries dipped in chocolate, wedded to Hershey's Hugs, slivered almonds, and facial dots au chocolat.

I needed a little darling injected into my day. These helped a lot.

Santa, however, is pretty freaked. Ten days until.

(Yep, she made him, too. Told you. Mad talent.)


Johanna said...

And a Happy Birthday Eve to my all time favorite Sister-In-Law. She not only beat me in the Grandma game but also writes me into the ground! I love you, Sue!

Kathy and Freddy said...


Nancy said...

In the interest of full disclosure, the mice candies were copied straight out of Midwest Living's Dec issue and could be made by anyone - preferably with an assembly line in place as they require doing many simple steps in a very short time frame!