Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Decide

Baby turns one on Saturday. His Mom has suggested he would love to have a vacuum cleaner. (I love that in a man.) But which vac should we choose?

Here's the Laugh and Learn model below. And here's what the manufacturer has to say about it:

Music Mode will be sure to get your baby moving with instrumental songs and musical ditties.

I love ditties. But wait, there's more:

In Imagination Mode, your baby will hear realistic vacuum sounds and unique sound effects for each activity. Your baby will be amazed at the spinning vacuum globe which is activated when your baby walks the vacuum around or bats at it. (This is the kind of copywriting  I'd love to try. Okay, maybe not so much.)

Choice Deux is Dusty the Talking Vacuum. Now, right away I'm all over that name. Here's Dusty on the right. That growth on his left side -- the thing with the moustache -- kills me every time I look at it.

He's very attached to his good friend Brushy - the two of them even talk to each other! So when a mess needs to be taken care of, get the job done with this fabulous team that loves to clean!

Here's the bad news. Dusty is recommended for 2-5 year olds, and I'm thinking there may be some labor law we'll be violating if we pony up for Dusty and his trusty sidekick.

Did I mention there's play "lint" attached to Dusty's front?

All right followers, please vote (quickly) for your favorite.


Sharon said...

I say start the kid early and get him a Dyson or Eureka's The Boss!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...I'm with Sharon. Or get him a manageable Dirt Devil and let him work his way up.

(who could not sign in properly to leave a comment via her Google Account)

MFM said...

"Imagination mode" with the sounds provided... isn't that a bit of contradiction? Now about Dusty, I want to meet the Mom with a one year old who has to have the lint provided! No matter, the baby will have the most fun playing with the box so I vote for the one with the biggest, brightest, strongest box.

Anonymous said...

There is an array of plastic owls and snakes available at places like Rural King and fine novelty stores everywhere.

Gramma said...

Ok, first of all, I'm wondering why a child would "bat" at the vacuum? But that aside, I agree with MFM, kids always prefer the box - so it doesn't really matter what's inside. You could even get him a stove or refrigerator box, and he'd be happy as a lark!

suejohnpeter said...

Okay, the best box rules the day. Thank you for your fabulous input.

Kathy and Freddy said...

When does he get the lawn mower????

Anonymous said...

I love Mary Fran's comment about the lint! You are the best, you give me a good laugh every post.

Thanks for today's chuckle.